True solution to transfer all the Android files :-

Android is complete software for mobile device that includes middleware, operating system and key applications. This platform is developed by Google. This gain too popularity due to its open source features and several advance features like Internet calling, multiple camera support, audio sound processing, one touch copy paste selection etc. In Android phone can save so many important sms, it will be corrupted then you create backup of sms to transfer in the system.

Android phone save all text file in .apk file format which stands for Android package. This is a raw file format so that chances of its corruption increased manifold. There is several reason of corruption in android package like :-

  • Serious attack of viruses and other vulnerable application
  • Corruption in operating system
  • Contact of some external material
  • Faulty hardware
  • Human error
  • Software error


If files or photo from android camera get deleted or corrupted then it becomes inaccessible for you. So if you want to regain corrupted files then you must use third party Android touch file transfer software. Android touch file transfer software will help you to recover all corrupted photos or files. This recovery software use powerful programming technique to recover all corrupted or deleted files and it also give thumbnail file preview of file recovery.

Some of the key features of this recovery software are :-

  1. Its advance setting option supports Backup folder Rule
  2. Provide interactive user interface
  3. Generate event log, you can save it for future u se
  4. Provide quick search option
  5. Supports multiple languages
  6. Easily create backup of android files
  7. Perform automatic scanning and indexing

If you had saved important files in your android phone and you don't want to loose it then don't waste your time immediately download third party Android touch file transfer software demo version and secure your all important information.this software is compatible with both mac and windows os.