Transfer Android Phone Contacts to Your PC in a

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Today phone provide some remarkable features to its user. In this modern epoch companies are continuously adding several new features in the phone. You can say that today Phones are replacing the need of computer. Due to its small size you can move without any extra effort, so it gains too popularity. Android, the product of Google also launched new generation cell phone with some extraordinary features that differentiate it from others. With your Android Phone you can not only manage your contacts but you can save multiple e-mail account for particular number.

As contacts are essential part of anyone so you can't want to loose it at any cost. But there are several reasons that lead into deletion of contacts from your Phone like either you had accidentally deleted your contacts or viruses play their role in the deletion. Whatever the reasons of deletion are, the fact is that you had missed your essential information. So the best approach is to create backup of all messages and contacts that you had saved on your Android phone. This is only possible solution that will help you in the future. But one question wallops in your mind i.e. how to create the backup of contacts ? Is it possible to transfer contacts from Android phone to PC ? user can


Transferring contacts from Android Phone to PC

There are several techniques that are used to transfer contacts from your Android phone to PC like transferring contacts through air but these techniques are not secured and not too effective. So the best approach towards this is to use third party Android transfer contact software. Third party Android transfer contact software will help you to transfer photos, phone address book, e-mail address and several other details of your contact.

Key features of Android phone contact software are :-

  1. Backup contact from Android phone to PC
  2. Supports multiple export methods
  3. Supports multiple languages
  4. Provide easy to use interface
  5. Supports multiple export file formats
  6. Compatible with different versions of windows like XP, vista, 7, 2003 server etc.

So if you are really careful about your saved contacts then don't squander your time. Download Android transfer contact software and enjoy its features.