Keep Your Memorable Moment Safe Forever

Images have a grate power to make your old memorable moments alive. You can't want to extract it from your day to day life. And if you are taking snapshot with world's best phone i.e. Android phone then it's really amazing. You can't want to loose this golden moments. However any minor mistake will lead into deletion of all saved video from your Android Phone .

Some of the possible reasons of deletion of image file from your Android phone are :-

  • Due to serious attack of viruses and other vulnerable application
  • Due to accidental deletion of image file from Android phone
  • Due to corruption in file system
  • Due to error in read/write process


These are some minor reasons that results in major problem. It deprives you from accessing all the saved image files from Android phone. However if had created backup of all Google Video files then you don't miss your all precious image file. You are in a position to recover all precious information from those backup.

In order to create backup of saved image file you have to use third party Android transfer photo software. Third party Android Files Transfer Software help you to create backup as well as help in restoration of those backup when needed. this software open source means is that any third party can any files transfer to mac OS .

Some of the key features of this software are :-

  • Provide drag and drop feature to copy photo from Android phone to any other location
  • It supports folder backup rule
  • You can easily create backup of any folder
  • Perform automatic scanning and indexing
  • Supports multiple languages