How to Use Android File Transfer on Mac PC

Step 1 :- All at first you are expected to connect your phone with the System as the first step to android photo recovery. And as soon as you will run the Software you will get the home screen on your mac. To the home screen you get two options as Backup and Restore. Click on the icon you want to perform.

Step 2 :- Backup: As fast as you click on the backup icon you get another new backup screen. All you have to do is to select the data you want to have a backup of. It could be your photo, music files, applications etc. When you select all the data to backup, browse the folder you want to save in. Click on Backup button shown. And your data is stored in minutes.

Step 3 :- Restore: If you want to restore your data in, click on the restore icon on the home screen. You will be directed to a new restore window screen. You can now select the files and data you want to restore To perform android photo recovery select the photo files. Click on Restore button to start the process. And in minutes your data will be recovered.

Export or Import your Music :- Connect your android device to the mac system. On the software window, click on Music. Select Add to import music files to your android phone. Or to export music files, just select the files and click export. Also you can create playlists, delete, search, play songs, set ringtones. You can also directly import/ export music tracks from music library in the software, created for you.

Export or Import your Photos :- Connect your device with the system via USB cable. On the home screen, click on photos on the window's left column. Now you will be directed to photo management window. Perform action according to your choice. If you wish to execute android photo recovery. Click on Add and select the photo files you want to import. Click OK to finish the process. And if you wish to export photos to the system. Click on Export. Select a folder to save photos. Click OK and you are done with it.

Export or Import your Contacts :- Import/ Export contacts: Connect your android device to mac. Select the contact on the window. You will be navigated to the contacts page, select import or export to continue. You can select contacts from vcard or address book and import it to your device. Or select your contacts from device and save it on your mac as vcars or address book to export contacts.

Export or Import your Videos :- After you are done with android data recovery, you can also save your videos. Connect your device to your mac system. Navigate to video management mode by clicking on videos on the left side column. Select Add to import videos to your phone and before that you must check the format of the video to play on your android device after importing. As android generally supports MP4 and 3GPs. To export videos you are just required to select the videos and save it on your mac in the folder you wish to. You can browse the folder at the time you save it.